Acting and Improv in San Miguel

The most fun you can have with your clothes on!

What students have said about their experience...

More fun than I ever had with my clothes on!!! I shall return, Eli is wonderful and a kind and insightful director/teacher. Gracias!!!  Shari A 


Taking acting classes with Eli has given me a chance to live out a lifelong fantasy.  He creates a safe environment in which to learn, play and grow as a person.  I highly recommend it, even if you have no intention of ever getting on stage.  Steve W


Eli is a great teacher and this was a great class for me. I was uncomfortable in the beginning, however, once I relaxed into the role and memorized my monologue the fun began. It was an excellent experience! Thank you Eli for helping us move out of our comfort zones - always good for personal growth.  Susan N


A safe and fun environment that allowed me to stretch and find my most vulnerable self. Great people an even greater acting coach. I can't wait to attend my next class. Thank you, Eli.     Patti B


I thought it would be fun to try out acting and entered the class simply with the goal of being less shy.  Eli's style immediately made me relax, and I found that improvisation was a kick.  I could have done it all day!  Then we got more serious learning the basics that make a scene work, from reading to blocking to the final bow. Great fun!   Alice M


Wonderful! Your classes are inspiring, safe and inviting...thank you for creating a safe place for us to play + explore! What a gift!  Joseph B


It was something so different and out of my comfort zone. Stepping out and trying new things... if not now… WHEN?  WAY to much fun... Try it !! You will love it!!"    Victoria P



What an amazing experience to descend on the Jardín in full mime regalia!  I was blown away by the obvious joy that we brought to the crowd.  Thank you for a class that is challenging but always feels safe.  You create an atmosphere where stepping outside our comfort zone is SO okay.  Plus your classes are always FUN.  Barb Z


I was scared at first, but when people started waving at us I realized I could make people smile and I thought: how awesome is this! I felt a magical bond with people and, of course, the adrenaline rush isn't bad either. I had so much fun!   Alexis V


In class it´s been hard to "let go" so I could become another character, but this mime thing really opened up a door that I didn't even know existed. I can't thank you enough for teaching our class to get "out of the box", and gently prodding us into performing at the Jardin. The children, shop keepers, taxi drivers, even the police, and people on the street greeted us and it gave me a warmth that is indescribable!  From my husband: "It brought tears to my eyes... it was like meeting you all over again."  Deb W